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Have you ever wondered where the word MODESTY came from?

During 1560s, it meant “having moderate self-regard.” Sure, the meaning of modesty evolved into dressing appropriately when it comes to female attire.. But as one who learns a lot of stuff about modesty, I think choosing to resist wearing some too sexy pieces (even when they are super cute) and instead be more creative with the modest ones can be considered as “having moderate self-regard”. :D

It is definitely thinking of others above yourself.

It is definitely obeying what God wants you to do instead of what you want to do yourself.

Jesus teaches us to love God and others more than we love ourselves, right?

Haha! Isn’t it exciting how applicable it is to the way we dress?

Ponder on it my beautiful-no-matter-what ladies ;)


Christ must increase, as I decrease.


SOME TIP: I think we could still wear tights! (Yey!) Patterned ones make the eyes a little more distracted, thus, stealing the focus from the shape of your legs. It is best to pair it with a loose blouse which covers your whole behind. ;)

Hmm are you pretty observant lately? Chiffon (aka the see-through blouses) is a trend today! Tsk. It saddens me when I see pretty ladies who leave men with little to imagine because of how see through their clothes. :( Chiffon, when not worn with a tank top underneath, maybe even more provoking than some lingeries.

So, when you think your top/skirt or whatever else is see-through, make sure to wear something underneath ;) That’s why it is always wise to invest in undergarments (hap-islip, cyclings, nude tank tops, etc) :D

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